Background to the decision.


The BREXIT decision of the UK-wide referendum held on 23 June 2016 produced a result that indicated the UK public voted 52% to leave the EU and 48% to remain in the EU.

Since the UK operates on a "50% + 1 vote" majority decision,. the referendum decided to LEAVE the EU. Turnout was extremely high around 80%

This seems to have annoyed some unelected EU officials, including Junckers, the unelected by anyone EU president. His words today were intemperate. Those ungrateful Brits!

Other "civilians" in various states in the EU wished that they too would be allowed a referendum of their own. I have seen such expressions from Italy, Poland, France, Netherlands, Sweden and Denkark.

This referendum threatens to unpick the fabric of the rest of the EU unless it reforms. It may be too late and their undemocratic institutions may prove to be as inflexible and self-righteous as people believe. It smacks of the Holy Roman Empire of earlier years.

Political mayhem in the UK continues. Political elites in the UK mis-guessed how blind, indoctrinated and stupid UK citizens actually were not. Heads are rolling and others are queuing up to succeed to now difficult posts. We shall see what happens in the next few days.

My hat is off for our prime minister, David Cameron, who actually kept an election promise and held the referendum, though the result was not as he wished. Thank you for that.

In the 40 years since we were asked the last time the tradng community of the EEC we signed up for has steadily turned into an increasing federalist regime as the EU, our rights being signed away by a succession of UK administrations without ever asking whether of not the people went along with it.


David Cameron, you are the first straight man since 1975. It is a great pity that you feel you have to pay a price as a consequence of the result.

Currency traders, despite dire predictions, have so far caused the GB? to fall by 8% against the US$ and by 5% against the Euro, after two days of trading.

The process for leaving the EU has not yet commenced, and is waiting a day when it will be invoked. Once the process is commenced, two years are required for negotiations before the process can be complete.

There will be no change in status so far as EPO applications are concerned. The European Patent Convention is entirely separate from the European Treaty.

The CI PA (UK patent attorney Institute) and ITMA (UK trademark and design Institute) are seeking, in the forthcoming negotiations, to preserve all EU related rights of audience for all (at least existingly registered) agents and attorneys.

 Change in position cannot occur until a period of at least two years for negotiations between the EU and UK. Until then, nothing changes.

 I look forward to a few weeks of nothing while the more excitablle children settle down again.

 For information about IP go to and

We shall see how things will pan out.

Kind regards to all readers

John Hardwick 25 June 2016